Uttarakhand is one of the stunningly beautiful state in India popularly known as Land of God (Devbhumi).

Uttarakhand state is a sacred and new land where several gods got penance and spent a lot of time, since then this state is very famous. Uttarakhand is also famous for the beauty of nature. There are a lot of places that make fascinating to everyone.

Uttarakhand is considered as a paradise on earth for its out of the world, scenic beauty. It is a tourist hub that attracts travellers from all over the world. We really feel very lucky that we are living our life in devbhumi.

Uttarakhand is made up of perky mountain peaks and fertile Himalayan plains. People here experience the limelight of nature and character in a most enchanting way. I was really touched and inspired. I felt that nature has given us a lot but inspite of that several people can’t feel the importance of nature.

We should plant more and more trees to save our environment and the pious land of Uttarakhand.

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